Hearing Aids

Thompson & Son Hearing Care Specialists provide fully independent advice and choice of hearing aids. We understand that choosing a hearing aid can be a difficult and daunting process. We aim to provide a professional and thorough assessment in order to give you the best advice as to what hearing aids would be the best for you. There are many different types and styles of hearing aids available and it's our job to provide you with the best advice and service possible to make sure you can get the very best out of your hearing aids. Thompson and Son Hearing Care Specialists are also exclusive suppliers of Audibel hearing aids. Please see below for the different types of hearing aids that are provided by Thompson and Son Hearing Care Specialists. 

Invisible In Canal (IIC)

Invisible in Canal (IIC) are the smallest hearing aids that go inside the ear. They are made for ultimate discretion and will fit a variety of hearing losses. They fit past the second bend in the ear for maximum comfort and are invisible when worn. We provide a wide range of Invisible in Canal hearing aids and currently these are the top three best IIC products recommended by us.

- Audibel Arc Ai 2400 IIC

- Oticon Opn 1 IIC

- Audioservice Quix 16 G6 IIC


Completely in Canal (CIC)

Completely in Canal (CIC) hearing aids are a shade up from IIC products and sit past the first bend completely inside the ear. They fit a range of hearing losses, and as they are slightly larger they do offer more functionality than an IIC hearing aid. They are one of the most popular types of hearing aid worn due to there excellent sound, featues and size. We offer a full range of Complete in Canal hearing aids and these are our top three:

- Audibel Arc Ai 2400 CIC

- Audio Service Quix 16 G6 CIC

- Phonak Marvel M90 (Black) CIC


In The Canal (ITC)

These are a size up from the CIC models but still discreet. ITC hearing aids offer a lot more features and functionality that both the IIC and the CIC. With todays technology ITC hearing aids offer bluetooth connection and rechargeability. They sit in the entrance of the canal to offer maximum sound and comfort. Please see below for out top three ITC hearing aids:

- Audibel Arc Ai 2400 R ITC

- Singia Insio C&G 7AX ITC 

- Audioservice Ida G5 16 BT ITC


In The Ear (ITE)Packshot_Virto_M_ITC_312_DIR_pair_F26_S26_PB.jpg

In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids are the largest in-the-ear hearing aids available. Made for those who need maximum power or suffer from decreasing dexterity they offer maximum comfort and functionality. They fit in the bowl of the ear and are easier to handle than the other in the ear systems. These are our top three ITE hearing aids.

- Audibel Arc Ai 2400 R ITE

- Signia Insio C&G 7AX ITE

- Phonak Marvel M90 ITE


Receiver In Canal (RIC)

The most popular type of hearing aids that sit behind your ear. Receiver in Canal hearing aids are small discreet systems that sit behind the ear. They have a small electronic receiver that goes into your ear canal to optimise the sound. They offer all the very latest technology and functionality whilst maintaining discretion. They cover mild to profound hearing loss meaning they are suitable for most people. These are the top three we would recommend:

resound | one | 9 Hearing Aid- Audibel Arc Ai 2400 R RIC

- Resound ONE R RIC

- Audioservice StiLine Connect BT G6 16 RIC


Behind The Ear (BTE)Naida M

Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids are most commonly provided by the NHS however privately these can be fitted to those who want the latest features and have a sever profounf hearing loss. They provide the latest features but tend to be a little larger. As there isnt much of a difference privately between RIC and BTE hearing aid technology, they are not fitted as regularly. These are our top three BTE Hearing aids.

- Audibel Arc Ai 2400 R BTE

- Bernafon Viron 9 R BTE

- Phonak Naida M BTE


Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Thompson & Son Hearing Care Specialists are fully independent, and therefore supply hearing aids from all of the hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to choose the right hearing aid to suit you. We are also exclusive suppliers of Audibel technology which isn't available on the high street, or from most other independent suppliers. We understand that to you, your hearing is personal and to us, we want to help you achieve the best hearing possible by providing you with the correct hearing aids for your needs.